Automation Equipment

Armed with extensive knowledge of various automation techniques and ideas attained through years of collaborating with different machine builders and vendors, ADG can comfortably undertake projects ranging from simple stand-alone manually (un)loaded machines to complex multi-station auto (un)loaded cells.

Whether you have just undertaken a sizeable project and need some collaborative effort to compliment your internal design team, or are looking to have an entire cell designed, ADG can be trusted to uphold the highest design standards and ethics. Furthermore, ADG can also help with machine line layouts, time studies, process improvements etc.

Typical project experiences include:

  • Assembly lines
  • Indexing dials
  • Leak testers
  • Laser markers
  • Pick-and-place assemblies
  • End-of-arm-tooling
  • Hydraulic presses
  • Conveyors and material handling
  • Palletizing